The Analytics Software had been developted in order to observe the data generated by all of the components installed on the operating machinery. Approximately 200 types of data which belong the machinery can be observed remotely in realtime and recorded at the same time. The records are stored in the database via Turkcell cloud infrastructure.

The Analytics Software uses these data in the database in order to calculate Factory, Machinery, Operator and Quality performance in real time. Thanks to these calculations, remote management and checking become optimally effective thus influence of the managers over management increases remarkably.

Turkcell cloud infrastructure facilitates a secure access from various platfoms (such as PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone etc.). Through artificial intelligence support in evaluating the data, foreseeing possible defects in operations can be detected and the most effective maintenance, exchange and overhaul schedule for the components of the machinery can be organized.

Some Screenshoots of Ergin Analytics

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