Company Profile

At the roots of Ergin Machine, there is 20 years of experience in food industry that is filled with research, increasing efficiency and producing solution for food, quality, automation and software.

It did not take long to comprehend that this knowledge which is supported with scientific perspective would be the solution to the real needs of the industry. The company which is founded by Huseyin Ergin started its business life In 2007 as Ergin Automation.

Ergin Automation which started production at a 100 m2 humble workshop located in Turkey, Bursa, Otosansit Industrial Site, rapidly growing in time continues its current production at a 4000 m2 factory.

Since the day it was founded, its contribution to employment increased by an average of 200% each year, with a total increase of 20 times as well as its contribution to the economy increased by 400% annually on average, increasing 40 times in total.

Meantime Ergin Automation has become the primary choice of the most established Food Firms.

In order to carry its success in Turkey to overseas, the company has gained speed at International Fair and Promotion Activities.

As a leadership goal, in order to possess a more inovative and scientific infrastructure the company established its R&D center. As a result of this action, the company accelerated its cooperations with renowned universities, development agencies, TeknoKent and State Institutions such as Tübitak and Kosgeb.

Additionally, the company accelerated its collaborations, information sharing and joint development activities in line with the principle of “Strength From Unity” with other industrial organizations serving the industry.

Our Story

. . .


First Filling and Packaging Machine was produced for the sector customer.


Our First overseas sales took place.


Our first sales to the Americas.


Our projects are registered by Tubitak.


Ergin R & D Center was established.


As Ergin Machinery we continue our way.


We moved to our new 4000 m2 factory in Organized Industrial Zone


Our first feta cheese line and continuous breakfast cream line series has been commissioned..


To produce products and services that fully meet customer expectations as a pioneering company representing Turkish machinery industry in international market.


To be a international brand famous for high customer satisfaction and solution oriented production & service approach in filling and packaging machinery industry with its high tech products for the demands.


Before Our Customers With our all units, we perceive quick and correct needs of our customers. We are agile, proactive and innovative in meeting their changing expectations for a better service.