BRNZ – S Series provides custom–made solutions for reliable filling & closing pre–formed containers. Sturdy and proven mechanical design of the machinery within this series enables high speed linear operations.

The machines are built in a format of up to 12 lanes and are offered with double indexing systems which allows for both a fast format size change and a doubling of the machines output.

Thanks to the in-line and highly developed modular principle, the series allows a competitive, detailed and thorough response to the exact request of the customer.

Due to the long period of studying and researching conducted in R&D department, the series satisfies the most crucial needs whether these be demanding hygiene requirements, capacity requirements or the complex requirements of the product itself.

The CE marked BRNZ – S series is manufactured by using stainless steel and equipment of high quality in order to provide the most hygenic solution for the required opetations.


  • Maximum speed and flexibility with servo controlled drive,
  • Hygenic design,
  • CIP operating system,
  • Special design to provide Easy Maintenance possibility,
  • All used equipments and material are suitable for working in wet environment,
  • Complete stainles steel and food grade material execution,
  • Maximum working security with close cabinet and lockable safety guards,
  • User friendly display shows all functions and possible errors,
  • Production recording possibility to increase machine efficiency,
  • Internet assistance possibility.

Technical Data

Number of Lines Lines 1 3
Working Width mm 1.600 1.600
Working Lenght mm 1.600 1.600
Capacity-70ml Pcs / Hour 700 4.500
Min. Dosing ml 20 20
Max. Dosing ml 1.700 1,700
Max. Cup Dimensions mm 160 160
Max. Cup Height mm 150 150



    • Yoghurt
    • Yoghurt with Fruit
    • Diluted Yoghurt
    • Cream
    • Cheese
    • Cream Cheese
    • Mozzarella
    • Labne
    • Curd
    • Butter
    • Kefir
    • Ayran
    • Quark
    • Desserts
    • Multi Fill Desserts

    • Jam
    • Marmalade
    • Honey
    • Pudding
    • Mousse
    • Chocolate
    • Ketchup
    • Sauces
    • Tomato Paste
    • Mustard
    • Puree
  • FAT & OILS

    • Margarine
    • Shortening
    • Mayonnaise
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Olive Oil
  • MEAL

    • Ready Meals
    • Salads
    • Instant Soup

    • Fruit Juice
    • Lemonade
    • Shakes
    • Smoothies
    • Coffee


  • External cup magazine
  • Production Flexibility with the characteristic of double format execuiton
  • Automatic magazine change
  • H2O2 and UV-C cup sterilization
  • CIP Operating system
  • Sterile Pozitive Air
  • Hepa H-14 Filter
  • Burst contro / leakproofing test
  • Sealing and cutting from film reels
  • External cup magazine
  • Integrated cup collection robot
  • External Cup collection robot
  • Automatic viol feeding unit
  • Carton opening and closing units
  • Wrap around cartoning system
  • Filling by Multihead weigher
  • Filling controlled by Flowmeter
  • Volumetric filler controlled by Servo Motor
  • Pneumatic controlled Volumetric Filler
  • Volumetric Filler with reservoir
  • Weight Controlled filler
Technical Specs (PDF)

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