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First of the strengths behind R&D achievements is innovation. The globalizing world, increasing competition and technological developments are direct companies to be different and to produce different products, and  this case, innovation is prominent. It is known that innovation culture is significant factor behind the economic success of companies.

To develop and sustain for innovation culture in Ergin Machine;

  1. We value creative ideas,
  2. We encourage more ideas to come,
  3. We see errors and failures part of the experience,
  4. We follow closely technological developments,
  5. We develop ourselves with training, courses and seminars.


Other significant strength is design behind our R&D achievement. Creative ideas that enrich to companies ought not remain mind. Therefore, first of all, modeling these ideas with a specific professional discipline. It is necessary to understand whether or not it is feasible.

As Ergin Machine, if we want to define success process;

  1. We design with different engineering disciplines and versatile.
  2. We use world famous design and development tools.
  3. We can see the mistake that may occur with simulation tools.
  4. We make unique design because we produce scientific solutions.
  5. We develop ourselves with education, seminars and courses.


Second significant strength is prototype behind our R&D achievements. It is the stage in which ideas formed in minds are found after the design phase in which they find visual life. Prototype is one step closer to the final product, an important process, which errors that cannot be seen in design and simulation stage are eliminated and identified.

As Ergin Machine, we can summarize our prototype construction process as follows:

  1. Products that are finished design produced with computer aided manufacturing
  2. Every units test by work itself
  3. In non-conforming situations, it is provided feedback to the design process.
  4. They are tested the interoperability of all units.
  5. Production ease, aesthetics, hygiene, cost and safety aspects are evaluated.
  6. When we are closest to perfection, we go into production.