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Since our machines are produced in compliance with the difficult conditions that can be operated 24/7, the possibility of malfunction are very low. However, we are at service of our customers with our 24/7 technical support team in the case of failures that may occur for different reasons.

For this reason, we apply two different methods when need at failure treatment.

  1. In accordance with the authorization of our customers, we connect with our machines online by our technical team, supervise the operation and detect the fault. After finding the cause of malfunction, by direct the authorized personnel to connect the malfunction. Once we are make sure that the machine is working, will be disconnected online.
  2. We make failure treatment on-site. According to the location of the company and the intensity of our technical team, we intervene on-site with two days at the latest, with the same day at the earliest. After the fault has been rectified, after the machine sure that the machine is working, the machine is delivered to its authorized and the process is completed.

Thanks to our experienced Ergin Technical Team, we are at your side in the most difficult moments you need.