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Ergin machine has ten years’ experience in food, quality, automation and software which has been established in the food sector for Research, Efficiency and Solution Production.

It was not long to discover that supported to knowledge by scientific perspectives, would be the solution to the real needs of the sector. The company that established in 2007 by Hüseyin Ergin has started business life as Ergin Automation.

Ergin automation that started its production at Otosansit Industrial zone in Bursa 100 m2 unassuming workshop and has been growing rapidly overtime and continues its production in its current 2000 m2 factory.

Since it was established,
Its contribution to employment increased 200% per year, totally increased 2000%.
Its contribution to economy increased average 400% per year, totally increased 4000%.
Ergin automation at this process, Turkey’s oldest food companies’ first choice reason.
For its success sustain in Turkey, it is approve globalize that 2018 year at overseas.